About us

We are a family dedicated, for more than a decade, to the countryside and viticulture.

Our love for nature leads us to take care of the vineyards and to pamper the grape with the greatest respect.

Now, we have taken another step and we have launched into the world of winemaking.

 We want to reflect the varietal characteristics of the Verdejo grape and the quality of each drop of must from our vineyards to each drop of wine.


Respeto al Ecosistema & Trabajo Sostenible

Our vineyards are located in the Rueda Denomination of Origin, in the province of Valladolid.

We have 3 farms: El Zurrón, El Poleo and La Veleta; each at a different altitude, between 780-820 meters above sea level.

With different soils, where we can find areas of ridges, clays, sands and limestone.

We harvest the different farms separately and distinguish soil, which gives each wine different organoleptic characteristics.

about our farms


Our wines transport us to a typical landscape of the Castilian plateau: low forest, pine forests, wildflower meadows.


Imparable on lees and Doceuvas Verdejo are wines with elaborations, soils, altitudes and different climatic conditions throughout the year; but with two common characteristics: the Verdejo variety in its entirety and the high quality of the grapes from which they come. Pampered by us throughout the year.

Imparable and Doceuvas are the result of our passion for this world. Prepared from a selection of the best plots of our farms, where grapes managed to meet the most favorable climatic, physical and chemical conditions.